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What to Expect During Your Roof Installation?



Property owners who are getting ready for roofing projects should be well prepared. Being prepared will help create a positive experience and minimize inconvenience. This list contains some things you can expect during your roof replacement or major roof repair to help you in that regard.






Materials Delivery & Construction

A lot of roofing material will be removed and delivered to your home. In most cases, a large delivery truck will use your driveway to get close to your structure. They will either drop materials on your driveway or will roof load, depending on access. Please leave driveway access for them as well as the construction crew who will likely be there the following day or two…. pending weather. During construction, a dump trailer will occupy your driveway so that old materials can be loaded and removed. During the contracting process, you should discuss any special instructions for proper and safe delivery and unloading. Work hours could be as long as 7am to 7pm with an additional hour for end-of-day cleanup.

To Stay or not to Stay?

Roofing projects usually go pretty fast for residential jobs so as to reduce the amount of time we are there. We want you to get back to normal as soon as possible. Expect 1 to 3 days for residential, pending weather. However, most residential jobs are only one day. The noise level during construction can be substantial depending on the scope and type materials. If you, a family member, or a pet is sensitive to loud noises, consider spending time away from home while work continues the roof. The first day will likely be the loudest.


Protecting Unsecured Items

As roofers work, their activities may create vibrations which you can feel inside the home. These vibrations may disturb items on walls, ceilings, or shelves. To avoid possible damage, it’s best to remove or further secure valuable items before work begins.

Protecting Outdoor Furniture, Landscaping & Pools

We take precautions to protect your home and property with tarps and/or plywood before any work begins. However, it is your responsibility to secure or move at-risk items such as potted plants, patio furniture, grills, and gardening equipment. If you have a pool, please cover it if at all possible to avoid debris from entering. If you do not have a pool cover apparatus, we will likely be able to cover a portion of it with tarps. But, please use the one you may have to ensure maximum protection. We will not be able to completely cover your pool in most circumstances. A small amount of debris should be expected.

Garages and Attics

You should move vehicles, boats, and motorcycles away from the structure being roofed to prevent damage. Debris will fall during the process. Dirt and small debris may fall into the attic as well. Make sure you cover and secure any valuables you may have stored in the attic. The last thing you want to deal with is accidental damage to your valuables.

Be Aware

Once work begins, keep in mind that the property becomes a construction site. Homeowners, family members, and visitors should exercise caution when entering the construction area. Be sure to take steps to keep pets and children out of harm’s way.

Debris Removal

The roofers will perform a daily cleanup with proper debris disposal. We will use a magnetic roller to pick up metal debris, such as nails. During the project, use caution when walking or driving around the work area. During the day, some trash will visible on the grounds but will picked up periodically. A final clean-up will be performed at end-of-day and at completion.

Satellite Dishes

Roof mounted satellite dishes will need to be detached and reset. This means being without television for a period of time. Most of the time we can reset and restore service within a few hours. Infrequently, your service provider will need to come out and reset the direction of dish.

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