Roof Repair

Fire Restoration presents unique Challenges


Perhaps no other form of property damage presents a greater

disruption to an owner’s life or business than a fire loss. The services

needed for a total recover may include inventory cataloging, contents

documentation, storage, hidden damage discovery, smoke remediation, adherence to new and updated laws and ordinances for the build-back, as well as business income loss documentation for commercial losses. Ridgepoint is comfortable and experienced in supporting all of these efforts. 

We are experts in finding common-sense ways to upgrade the workmanship and materials so that when we are finished and you look back to the way it was before the loss; you’ll know that you have a better property now. Experience and innovation does matter.

Fire Restoration Services 
Loft Before
Loft After
Master Bath Before
Master Bath After
Upstairs Hallway Before
Upstairs Hallway After
Property Before Restoration
Property After Restoration