Roof Estimates

What Should Be Included in Roof Estimates?

If you need to have shingle roofing repaired or a roof torn off and a new one installed, you may be looking to obtain roof estimates from a few local roofers. However, if you have not had roof estimates completed in some time, you may be wondering what information should be listed on the estimate. A roof estimate should have a lot of different things on it. Here are three of the most important elements that should be listed on any estimate for roofing work.

The Exact Work Being Completed

One important piece of information that should be included on any roof estimates is a detailed listing of the exact work to be completed. This section should be as detailed as possible and include everything that is being done. This way, both parties know exactly what work is being completed and what is not being completed. If a small patch of roof is being repaired, it should list the size of the repair area and where it is located. If the entire roof is being replaced, it should list a tear-off and replacement.

The Type of Roofing Material Being Used on Your Roof

Another important element that should be included on any estimate for roofing work is what type of roofing material is being used on your roof. For example, instead of just listing shingle roofing, this section should include the exact manufacturer's brand and color of roofing. Didn't roofing materials cost different amounts, so knowing exactly what you are getting for the price is extremely important and prevents any miscommunication in the future.

Whether the Estimate is Binding or Non-Binding

Finally, the last key piece of information that should be included on a quote or estimate from a local roofer is whether the estimate is binding or non-binding. A binding estimate, also sometimes referred to as a not to exceed estimate, means that the quoted price is the final price. You will not be expected to pay any additional money. A non-binding quote means the price can be increased if more problems are found or the work takes longer than originally estimated to complete.

Whether you are looking for roof estimates for shingle roofing or any other type of roofing, a local roofer can inspect your roof and provide you with an estimate. Here at Ridgepoint General Contractors, Inc., we would love to help you when you are in need of any roofing work. Call us now to schedule an appointment to look over your roof and provide you with an in-depth estimate to repair or replace your existing roofing system.