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Roof Estimates

What Should Be Included in Roof Estimates?

If you need extensive repairs or a complete roof replacement you should obtain a roof estimate before repairs begin. A roof estimate should cover several different things on it. Here are three of the most important elements that should be listed on any estimate for roofing work.

The Exact Work Being Completed

One of the most important aspects of a roof estimate should be a detailed scope of work to be completed. This section should be as complete as possible and include everything that is being done. This way, both parties know exactly what work is being contracted for.  If a small patch of roof is being repaired, it should list the size of the repair area and where it is located. If the entire roof is being replaced, it should list a tear-off, and replacement materials and all other details related to a quality installation.

The Type of Roofing Material Being Used on Your Roof

Another important element that should be included on any estimate for roofing work is what type of roofing material is being used on your roof. For example, instead of just listing shingle roofing, this section should include the exact manufacturer's brand and color. Different materials have various price points. So, knowing exactly what you are getting for the price is extremely important and prevents any miscommunication in the future.

Professional Estimation Software

We can provide professional line-item estimation using Xactimate so that your insurance company is fully aware of all the materials and has a complete scope of work of what has been performed. This also gives you peace of mind on exactly what was done. This can be very beneficial to future buyers of your property as well.

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