Roofing Services

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

Roofing services help to ensure that your roof is fully functional and able to keep outside elements, such as pests and water, out of your home. However, there will come a time where your roof is old and the materials are wearing down. The roofing materials will no longer be able to consistently protect as they are designed to. At that point roof replacement from a reliable company that offers roofing near me will be needed. As a homeowner, one of the questions you may have is what the signs are that you need your roof replaced. Here are a few of the common signs that your roof may give you when it is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Your Roofing Materials Are Damaged

One of the reasons why you may wish to call in roofing services to help determine if your roof needs to be replaced is because your roofing materials are damaged. Roofing materials can be damaged in a number of ways, depending on what types of materials are on your roof. Shingles may curl or crack, tiles may crack or crumble, and metal may rust or become covered in algae. If your roofing materials are damaged, your roof may be at the end of its lifespan.

Your Roof Is Beginning to Sink or Dip

Another common sign your roof may give you if you are in need of roof replacement is a roof that is beginning to sink or dip. As your roof ages, you may notice that it is not a smooth slope downward. You may see dips or your roof may be sinking in certain spots. Dips and sinking prevents water from gliding down the roof as it is supposed to, which can lead to leaks. Dips can also trap ice and snow, which can lead to ice dams.

You Are Experiencing Leaks

The final sign that you may need a replacement for your roofing near me is that you are experiencing large leaks, multiple leaks, or you are constantly repairing leaks in your roof. Leaks are never a good thing and typically signal that your roof is severely damaged and/or at the end of its lifespan.

If your roofing materials are damaged, your roof is starting to sink or dip or you are experiencing leaks, odds are, you need roof replacement. If you are looking for a company that offers roofing near me and roofing services, look no further than us here at Ridgepoint General Contractors, Inc. We can examine your roof and determine if your repair or replacement is warranted. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment to get started.