Flat Roofing

What is Flat Roofing?

If you have flat roofing, you need to find an Austin roofing company who has experience handling flat roofs. This is because flat roofs are very different from traditional sloped roofs. These roofs are often made from different materials than sloped roofs and experience different problems than sloped roofs. One of the questions you may have is what is a flat roof and how do you know if you have one. Read on to learn more about flat roofing and what exactly flat roofing is.

Flat roofing has traditionally been used on commercial roofs. Think about the shape of commercial buildings and warehouses. Those roofs are often flat. They do not have the traditional slope or pitch that you see on residential homes. Flat roofing, also referred to as low slope roofing, generally has very little slope to it which prevents water from quickly falling from the roof. As such, Austin roofing needs to be made from different materials to help prevent water from seeping through a roof. The materials made from flat roofing also typically need more care and maintenance than the materials used on sloped roofing. They also have shorter lifespans, and as such, typically need to be inspected, repaired and even replaced more often. If you look at a roof and it looks like it is flat, you have a flat or low slope roof.

Do you have flat roofing? Are you looking for an Austin roofing company who has experience caring for flat roofs and can help you with all of your flat roof needs, including inspections, repairs and even re-roofing? Here at Ridgepoint General Contractors, Inc., we can help you with both residential and commercial flat roofing. Book your appointment with one of our contractors today.