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Why take a chance on the rest when you can choose the best?  Hundreds of successful roof installations means you get tremendous experience with Ridgepoint Roofing. Hundreds of satisfied customers means you get quality work at a fair price.  But, that doesn’t tell you who we are.  


We are...

• Passionate about quality, materials & craftsmanship.

• Deeply committed to lasting relationships with warranties.

• Industry leaders in Texas

We try very hard to make the roof replacement process as easy as possible with minimal stress. Our goal is to normalize the overall restoration experience through a variety of measures for our clients. Being true to our mission has resulted in being awarded many successful reconstruction projects each year which produce dramatic returns on our most valuable asset, the relationships we’ve developed along the way.

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 Roof  Leaking ?  

At Ridgepoint we are skilled at inspections and securing the needed documentation that you need to make

informed decisions about whether to repair, replace or to file an insurance claim.  


Contact us for a free consultation. 

Quality & Trustworthy Work

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